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Experienced Spanish teacher at language institutes. I studied Modern Languages and I have a Diploma in Spanish Grammar Teaching as a Foreign Language. I am also a certified DELE examiner


I love motivating my students to communicate and learn from mistakes. I also like to conduct my teaching as much as possible in Spanish so that the students can have more contact with the language. Students can be immersed in the language from day one. I also use body language, visual images, intonation and gestures which all play an important role in communication.

Sometimes if the student wants, I can also clear up confusing points using one of the foreign languages I speak.

My experience as a teacher has allowed me to develop my creativity when planning lessons and explaining the language in a meaningful way. I like to use games for the beginner level students as it helps them to be more confident when using the language as well as allowing them to have fun while they are learning.

I also use the communicative approach so that from the first day, students can use the language they are learning. I not only teach the language, but I also like to promote cultural exchange.

I use a variety of media and materials in my teaching such as:

▸ Games

▸ PowerPoint presentations

▸ PDF files and text documents

▸ Images and videos

▸ Quizzes adapted to what the students have learned in the lessons

▸ Flashcards

▸ Homework assignments

▸ And much more!


I have 12 years of experience as a language teacher. I have taught Spanish as a Foreign Language at the university Sergio Arboleda in Bogotá and language institutes in Bogotá and Oslo. Teaching is my passion and I thoroughly enjoy being a language teacher. In the years I have been abroad, I have worked with students in one-on-one lessons. I have lived in Hungary, Brazil, England, Germany, and Norway.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogota, Colombia), a diploma in Teaching Spanish Grammar as Foreign Language from Instituto Caro y Cuervo in Bogota and Practical Grammar Course for Spanish lessons from Externado University in Bogota.

I also made an exchange in Brazil to learn Brazilian literature, grammar, and pronunciation of Portuguese in the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP).

Besides, I have a Master’s degree in outdoor education called Transcultural European Outdoor Studies (TEOS). This master's degree was awarded by Erasmus Mundus. I studied at the University of Cumbria (England), the University of Marburg (Germany) and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (Norway).


Hinta yhdelle tunnille : 25€/h


I can give you the first lesson for free, so I can explain you about my methodology. We can discuss your goals and preferences, payment method. I can assess your Spanish level and together we can decide the best learning path for you.

Opettajan Carito tarjoamat tunnit
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  • Espanja
  • Espanja - suullinen kielitaito
  • Espanja - kuullun ymmärtäminen
  • Espanja - kirjallinen kielitaito
  • Espanja - luetun ymmärtäminen
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Opettajan Carito CV


October – November 2020
Practical grammar for Spanish lessons
Externado University

September 2015 – August 2018
Master´s programme in Transcultural European Outdoor Studies
University of Cumbria, England, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway, University of Marburg, Germany
The master’s programme focused on the importance of outdoor environmental education for self-development, teamwork and sustainability. This was an Erasmus Mundus master, with a semester taking place in England, Norway and Germany.

March 2013 - June 2013
Diploma in Spanish Grammar Teaching as Foreign Language
Instituto Caro y Cuervo, Colombia
The course explained how to teach grammar for those people whose first language is not Spanish and highlighted the most common grammar difficulties. The course also taught how to plan lessons.

February 2007 - October 2012
Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages
Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia
The Bachelor focused on didactics, methodology and pedagogy to teach languages.

January 2011-July 2011
Exchange Student
Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil
Six-month experience taking courses about Portuguese grammar and literature.


January 2009- Current
Private teacher
I have taught Spanish and English in one-to-one lessons to Colombians and people from different nationalities.

September 2014–August 2015
Spanish teacher for foreigners
Sergio Arboleda University / Colombia
I was responsible for the preparation and implementation of Spanish courses in multicultural classrooms.

May 2014 - July 2014
Spanish teacher for foreigners
Learn More than Spanish / Colombia
I was responsible for the Spanish courses. I created and adapted the material to the needs of students.

February 2012-June 2012
French teacher
Escuela de Armas y Servicios (EAS) – (Language Learning Department) / Colombia
I was in charge of a French course. I prepared and implemented different activities to help students in the learning of foreign languages.

October 2011-December 2011
English teacher
KOE (English Learning Institute) / Colombia
I was in charge of implementing the Fast & Easy activities proposed by KOE and preparing different and dynamic lessons to help students learn English. I also gave feedback relating to language performance at the end of each activity.

July 2010-December 2010
Language Department Assistant/ Colombia
Javeriana University
I worked in the Language Department collecting information to assess the viability of creating a postgraduate study in Translation English-French-Spanish at Javeriana University.

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